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Another special note, I had hired a person to locate sponsors and they found two sponsors for this season. One of the sponsors failed to give me 50% of the deal and I had prepaid the agent the 15% fee we agreed, big mistake. A relative of theirs tried to donate a large amount of money but I did not have a paypal account. Four days later I asked the agent for over half the money back I paid them, they now held the relatives donation hostage, i could have one or the other. This agent is the wife of a team mate and now I had a few days before we fly out. What a freaking mess, what kind of people are they? they even said i should be happy with what i got from my sponsor for their fee at 35%, its not a lot of money, around $800 they owe, they can afford it, i need help at the event, they have a shady deal to pay me with someone else's money. The relative did not know they owed me money and thought their money was going to pay for parts, not money that was owed to me. The money was someone elses that was supposed to be for parts. The relative donated $1000, but actually she donated only about $200.

i had no time to find a replacement, i had to play nice guy for two weeks, then kick him off the team. They wont pay me since i took the relatives money. They think that pays for it. I dont know about people any more. They dont know right from wrong and they certainly would never financially help the team themselves, totally greedy and self centered.

I pay thousands out of my own pocket and I really dont need their money to compete BUT this was sponsor money paid to ME which I OVERPAID them and EXPECT to be returned. It was not their money since the sponsor cratered. Again they think it was my fault not following up with the sponsor or getting a penalty clause. A penalty clause, they really think a sponsor would sign a cash penalty clause for not meeting the required free stuff they are giving me, REALLY? Its hard to believe they are that stupid to think someone would sign a contract like that. There is NO  GUARANTEE of TV at ALL!!! Thanks for giving me $4500 worth of free stuff, by the way, you owe me $5500 in cash now.

If you hire someone to handle sponsor acquisition, get a contract with them and dont prepay until you get the sponsors full commitment of cash or product.

I will say the team mate helped build the bot for several days, extra hours i believe due to guilt, I will also add he had no input to the new design at all in the previous months Alex and I work on the bot. His wife thinks he should have received free air fare and more for the  little work he did do, which is totally voluntary and agreed to that everyone pays their own way to the event. Again, more greedy statements...should have kicked them off the team before the event, another mistake by me.

Why didn't I kick them off? Their two little kids and other family members at the event, I would be ruining their vacation...two little kids. The parents are jerks, I am not.

If someone wants to join your team and they use SubZero as a reference...and its not Alex, Brady, Logan, or Reggie...PLEASE DONT CHOOSE HIM.


To Chris and Courtney, I truly believe you are greedy thieves and you should be ashamed of the deal you forced me into. YOU SCREWED ME OVER, I HOPE SOMEONE SCREWS YOU WORSE, I WISH I HAD !!