TEAM HAMMERTIME                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ThreeWheelTrike





I have driven this trike over 9300 miles so far. I have had to make a few repairs but it is running beautifully right now, even in the hot hot weather. I will be making a parts list of what i am using for springs, shocks, brakes, etc, plus will tell you about my custom rear cush drive setup. One thing i am using is an 18"x10" truck wheel on the rear. It has a very large center hole which is needed for the brake caliper mount that is welded to the out axle tube. Pictures are below of the axle assembly.


Donor bike, 1987 Honda CBR1000F Hurricane, will be upgrading to Kawasaki 1400 or Hayabusa in the future


Back in 2011 I retired from combat robots. I did not think it would get revived so I sold all my robot stuff, including my first 250 lb version of SubZero.


I decided to build a clone of a vehicle called a Trex motorcycle. Its quite the hotrod. So I reversed engineered the Trex  based upon online photos and specifications. It took me 2 years to build the chassis, 3.5 years to get the body done enough to get the vehicle inspected. A lot of beer was consumed trying to figure out body attachments etc. This is not a kit car, its not a Trex, its a Jrex based on my ideas and designs...and it drives great!!