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SubZero is our middle weight combat robot that achieved the classification as being the number one flipper middle weight in the country. At 119.5 pounds, SubZero was feared by many a competitor. His titanium armor shell and rear wedge was designed to take on the big spinner bots and succeeded in defeating them the majority of the time.

During the years, SubZero has gone thru several major design changes. Each change was done to incorporate needed improvements in armor and weapon power. He was disassembled for the last time the summer of 2008. Several of the major parts will live on in our new heavy weight version, SubZero HW. Below are the specifications and links to the pictures of the different versions.

SubZero MW

weight            119.5 pounds

top speed       12 mph

armor              0.090" grade 5 titanium

wedge             0.187" grade 5 titanium

weapon           CO2 full bottle pressure flipper, single ram (twin was used also)

tanks               Two 20oz CO2 bottles

batteries          Two 24 volt NiCad packs

personnel        Two, driver and weapon operator