TEAM HAMMERTIME                                                                                                                         WORLD CLASS COMBAT ROBOTICS  





In the summer of 2008, SubZero went thru a major rebuild so that it could compete in the heavy weight division, 220 pounds maximum. The reason for this was that Battlebots had announced that they were going to have another tournament and the only class available to the professional built bots was going to be the heavy weight class. The heavy weight class has been a long time favorite for competitors and since the super heavy weight class has been basically dying, it only  made sense to make the heavies the "PRO" class.


weight                  219.5 lbs

armor shell           grade 5 titanium 1/4" thick

drive train        4 wheel drive, skid steer

motor                    Two 3 HP motors

top speed             12 mph

battery                  Three 24 volt NiCad packs

weapon                 CO2 powered flipper, twin ram

pressure                850 psi

thrust                     8000 pounds of power

personnel              Two, driver and weapon operator 


In April of 2009, SubZero HW competed at the Battlebots tournament held in San Francisco Ca. This event was filmed for television. Three divisions were there competing, high school 120 pound, college 120 pound and Pro 220 pound. The turn out was not bad, but Battlebots was expecting more to show. As for the fight action, it was spectacular. Almost every fight was a good one to watch.

Some of the pictures below are from the Battlebots tournament in April. Sorry we can not show to many internal pictures, this robot is still competing so we like to keep some things secret.