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Have not posted in a long time so here is an update. Motorama is happening in just two weeks. February 15-17 at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg PA. 150 gram to 30 lb robots fighting in a special combat arena. The carnage will be awesome, get a glimpse of what combat robot is like in the smaller weight classes.

Why do I do this sport? Its the most fun I have ever had in my life. I love to design and build things. Battlebots is just the ultimate in competitions, my machine vs your machine.

One of my major goals here is to get kids interested in building things and engineering. Over the years I have had a lot of success stories. A lot of the kids that are competing now watched the show in the past. I am one of a small group of builders who have changed some kids lives forever. I am very proud of that.

If you want to sponsor my robot in the next event, get in touch with me ASAP. I hear things are gearing up for another season, hopefully Discovery Channel will announce this very very soon.



Robot fights this Saturday at the Franklin Institute in downtown Philadelphia. Battle on the Parkway is being held on October 20th. This is run by our local bot builders from the NorthEast robotics club, NERC.

Go to for event details or


What else is happening? The rumor mill is that Battlebots is in negotiations for another season on the Discovery/Science Channels. Makes sense to me, its my favorite show on tv!!


I am currently working on a new version of SubZero. The past season of Battlebots was an eye opener to say the least. Major changes to the bot and team are happening now. SubZero will be totally different next year, smaller and better armored with major improvements internally. We will be flipping on tv if Battlebots gets approved for another season. So fans, send in your requests to Discovery Channel, "We want Battlebots!!!"


Also check out "Battlebots Resurrection" on the Science Channel, great stuff to watch!!



Our 2018 season is now over. We lost our final attempt to get into the top 16 to Minotaur. What happened? Our main propulsion was glitching. We had burned up all of our motor controllers during the first 3 fights and I had to buy a used one in unknown condition. We did get to drive it briefly in the test box but we thought that maybe the floor was causing a slight hesitation issue, not the controller itself. Since we could not maneuver that sealed our fate in the first 30 seconds.

In 8 previous heavyweight fights my robot has never been knocked out and we almost went to a judges decision again, knocked out with only 7 seconds left on the clock.

This comes down to a money issue. Our team needs funding from major sponsors to be competitive in this sport. We did not have any outside funding at all this season and it showed. Our design needs to be changed for next season, SubZero needs to be shorter, more reliable, and better armored. We are currently seeking sponsors and our new design is almost completed in cad. Lets hope Battlebots gets renewed for another season!!!




I am adding more sections to the menu on the left of the screen. If you click on something, it may not work yet, i am working on it and well get it all up on screen asap. If you have a question please email me at the address on the contact page.

Last Friday, I had some special guests showed up to to get a first hand look at SubZero. They were two adults and four very young fans who can not get enough of the sport, they love Battlebots!!

If you are a fan, send me your pic, i will post it on the new FAN PAGE



Added more pictures to "other hobby". They are build pics from my T-rex clone three wheel motorcycle I built. I tagged it last August and it now has over 5000 miles on it. I love to build machines...


Posted more pics to the Battlebots 2018 "events" page.


Posted some pics from our fights. Go to "events"section to check them out.


Well, our fight against Red devil has aired. Another very disappointing loss due to a fault during repairs. Our match against Red Devil was our first opponent that we could have flipped very easily. I was expecting to see Red Devil fly 5-6 feet thru the air. We did see some airtime but the first flip I saw a huge issue, instead of going straight up the flipper arm went sorta side ways during its upward movement. Then it was stuck partial up, failure again. Why? i found two bolts missing in the arm pivot. These bolts hold it in place, the side of the arm can be seen in the video folding inward, this happens when the arm goes side ways bending brackets, mounts and even the right side ram shaft.

A devastating loss to an opponent we should have beaten. Red Devil's saw could not cut thru us, it did do a minor cut in the aluminum but was unable to cut our thin titanium overlay. He was just all sparks but thats all he needed to defeat us since our weapon again had issues.

What are we going to do this repair? We are going to replace the bent ram and weld all the interior brackets and pivot mounts so this will not happen next round.

Another thing I will say, a major redesign is going to take place. I will not show up next tournament with a bot that does not work correctly again. It will be a completely new design with a weapon tested chucking 250 lbs.




Just updated the Events section, lots of pictures of bots from the past added.

Also i will be adding a "how to build a bot, the basics" section soon.



Maker Faire in Philly is over. We met a whole bunch of fans and made a few special kids really happy. Great event!!



Big news, SubZero will be on display at the Mini Maker Faire in Philly next Sunday, 10am-6pm. Come check out the bot, talk to me, take pics etc. Its going to be a blast.

Check out the link to the right for details.

If your company would like to get some national exposure or just bragging rights, ask about sponsorship details at the event. We are even offering slots on the team next season, award a special employee with the ultimate vacation, come out and spend a week with Team Hammertime!!


SubZero fights again...and its a technical knockout, Captain Shrederator is defeated. A technical knockout is when something goes wrong in your opponent and he can not move. Captain Shrederator hit us a bunch of times, something came loose inside or it went thru an electrical reset. Our bot is tough and can take a good licking. Never been knocked out yet, but we have not seen SubZero flip anything. Very very disappointing. One thing we did see was a full power miss. High speed cameras show quite a sight to see. SubZero near vertical, 5-8 inches off the ground. Now that is a lot of flipping power boys and girls. We were supposed to have stop Captain Shrederator from spinning in the first 10 seconds or so, it did not happen and he got spun up. Next issue was our weapon fired as we hit him in reverse. This is not supposed fire, its the first time in all my years i have seen my bot do this. This is a major issue. Next, our rear armor got torn off. That was due top the installation of a light rear frame support so Spitfire could play. Not sure...but I really think we need all of our weight for the big guy...have to think about this more. Bottom line, we got a win, now we need a full weapon test next round, lets hope we have a non spinner as an opponent.


Well, the premieres are over for the first episode. My bot, SubZero lost to Huge. When we were told are first opponent was Huge, i was disappointed. My other team mate, Alex, was not at the event due to work and he actually helped design Huge. I decided to come up with a strategy of putting on a rear push bar assembly that would contact Huge, my idea was two horizontal bars that would be six foot wide, wider than Huge and it would contact his wheels so we could push him into the arena weapons or wall. I was talked out of this, put a push bar that would go into between the wheels and push the center section. Due to our shape and access ports on the bot side for pneumatics the push bar was slghtly angled. This was a fault, if driving was not perfect the blade could hit. Well, it did and took the bar out. Then a few moments later we were head on and his blade went into the internal part of our bot. There is a gap between the flipper arm and the armor, Huge's blade reached inside there and took out all the frame work internally that hold the pivot of the arm. Also the right side cylinder ram was hit, thats what a long vertical blade can do when it has access. Should have just armored up more and rammed the crap out of the blade and broke it internally. I also welded on some extensions on the flipper arm, that was to reach the center section, sorry we were unable to use it.

Keep watching the show, you will us back several times. Remember, these are Fight Card nights, we fight a minimum of four rounds to earn points for the final Sweet 16 tournament. You will see SubZero again!!


               Battlebots Premiere !! 

         Friday Night   May 11th 8pm

                Discovery Channel


More updates made to site, will keep adding daily.


SubZero weapon test and test drive   videos have been posted, go to the robot page.


Great news, SubZero is going to be at the Philly Maker Faire on June 24th at the Pennovation Center in Philadelphia Pa. Over a hundred Makers will be there showing their stuff. Bring the kids and drop by my booth so they can see a real Battlebot up close.


Finally fixed the video links, they should work now. i will be adding more stuff daily, at least that's the plan.


BattleBots 2018 has been filmed and we were there!! SubZero competed at this event in LosAngeles and it will be airing May 11th at 8pm on the Discovery Channel. Repeats will be playing on the Science Channel.

EDUCATORS IN PHILLY AREA - SubZero is available

If your local to the Philly Area and would like SubZero to come to your school or event for a show and tell of the robot, email me at and we can discuss this more.



If your interested in helping my team out for next season, Team Hammertime and SubZero have a lot to offer. Our plan is to "Defeat the Spinners!!" During our last outing at Battlebots the spinners were extreme. I can not say anything more than that due to our non-disclosure agreement for the ultimate engineering competition.

We are very interested in getting kids interested in engineering. We need to inspire the next generation of tinkerers and builders. This show will help that happen, I know it will because I am now facing a lot of kids from previous shows that have now grown up into engineers.

We can not guarantee show time BUT my record speaks for itself. I have been fighting on the tv show four previous seasons, all with tv exposure. Advertising is allowed on the bots and uniforms now so your company logos could be seen by millions of viewers. You will also have bragging rights, "my company sponors a Battlebot". You can also have SubZero make a special appearance at a tradeshow, how cool is that? Its quite the attraction at a booth.

contact us at: