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 if you would like to purchase item, email me at,  i will contact you with price with shipping and once agreed, i will email address where to send a check. Sorry no paypal or credit cards, only checks. Once check clears i will ship item to you via UPS and email you tracking number. sorry no returns allowed, all sales are final.


Front claws from SubZero season 4, autographed by numerous teams, a true collectors item!!

signed by me and LockJaw, Minatuar, Whiplash, Scorpios, Son of Whyachi, Tombstone and more!!

this is unique, approx 14" long x 8" tall each, you get both....$300




These are brand new motor controllers from Castle Creations, Mamba XLX. Fwd/rev, 8 cell, data logging and current limiting. Bad ass controllers for brushed motors, they also will work for brushless, one direction onl;y. These list for $220 each......$150 each...I have 4 units in original packaging.



Another memorabilia item, an aluminum and titanium arm off of SubZero season 3. It will be signed by me with "TO your name, FROM SUBZERO -  JERRY CLARKIN". Arm is approx 33"long x 16" wide x 12" depth......$75