TEAM HAMMERTIME                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              FAQ







  • Where did you film Battlebots 2018?  

               We filmed the event in Los Angeles area, Long Beach California.

  • How long was event?

               The event was sixteen days long. If you plan on entering an event   

               plan on long days, we were there from 8am till 10pm every night.

  • How much does a your Battlebot weigh?

               SubZero weighed in at 245 lbs, but weight can change, it depends upon

               how we configure the armor. Maximum weight is 250lbs.

  • How do you get your Battlebot to the event and do you bring your own tools?

               We ship the bot in a large crate, packed with all of our spare parts and

               tools. Some teams have multiple crates and bring tool boxes etc.

  •  How do I get my kids involved in Battlebots?

               This is a pretty involved question. Battlebots is the premiere division in

               combat robots. I highly recommend you build a smaller weight class and

               compete in an event run by other organizations. There are several combat

               robot tournaments all over the country. Go to to see current

               and past tournaments, this is a registration database. Also you can see the

               robots registered with pics and website links, lots of information.

  • How many weight classes are there in Battlebots?

               Currently there is only one weight class, 250lb, but in the sport of combat

               robots there are 10 weight classes. Fairyweight (150gram), Antweight (1 lb),

               Beetleweight (3 lb), Hobbyweight (12 lb), Featherweight (30 lb),     

               Sportsman (30 lb), Lightweight (60 lb), Middleweight (120 lb),

               Heavyweight (220 lb), Battlebot Heavyweight (250 lb)

  • What are the rules for drones? and can that flame thrower do any damage?

               There are build rules pertaining to drones, the main one is that it can not

               weigh more than 10 lbs. Also the robot and drone must not weigh more than

               250 lbs when weighed together. That means if your drone weighs 10 lbs,

               your bot can not weigh more than 240 lbs. Orange/yellow/red flames are not

               really hot enough to damage a combat robot, so in reality the flame thrower

               drone is a distraction. Blue flames however are very hot, 1200-1400 degrees

               F, that is hot enough to melt wiring, rubber parts, etc. A drone typically has

               stability and control issues in the arena and for it to really damage a robot

               even with a blue flame is highly unlikely.