TEAM HAMMERTIME                                                                                                                         WORLD CLASS COMBAT ROBOTICS  





Bounty Hunter 30 is a sportsman class robot. This class was developed by the guys a the Northeast Robotics Club (NERC). Basically it is a class that has a set of build rules the eliminates large kinetic energy spinning weapons and wedges. It is a good class for a beginner since the chances of getting destroyed are very, very little.

Bounty Hunter 30 was the champ in this class until he was retired or should I say dismantled for parts for other projects. Maybe someday he will return.

His armor shell was very thin titanium (used to keep weight down). The flipper was a full pressure system. The cylinder ram ran at 850 psi direct from the CO2 bottle, no regulator. The drive system was Black & Decker 9.6 volt drill motors running at 12 volts. Battery packs were NiCad.