TEAM HAMMERTIME                                                                                                                         WORLD CLASS COMBAT ROBOTICS  





  Bounty Hunter 2    340lbs

super heavy weight

Bounty Hunter 2, what a sweet bot! The only fault this robot had was the rear wedge. I did not have enough money to purchase the titanium plow that I wanted to have on this bot. When he competed a RoboGames he did superb until my final match against Megabyte. In that match we got damaged really, really bad.

The saddest part was after the tournament our crate which had all of our equipment, parts and the robot disappeared. We believe a shipper picked it up accidentally, then disposed of it or gave it to someone or.....unknown. Bounty Hunter SHW is gone forever.

Luckily my home owners insurance policy paid for my loss. I don't think I will ever build another super again, especially since the class is dying out.