TEAM HAMMERTIME                                                                                                                         WORLD CLASS COMBAT ROBOTICS  




Bounty Hunter 1    340lbs

super heavy weight

When the NP Charity Open event was announced, and that Battlebots was to be involved, I decided not to enter Hammertime 3. I chose to go a totally different direction. Since I had already been competing with SubZero I decided to go with a super heavy weight flipper bot.

After starting the build I was not totally happy with the design but since I was basically running out of time I just bit the bullet and continued building. The robot was good but not great. It ended up being a little boxy again. I wanted to keep the flipper arm low and I used a lot of parts from Hammertime. The idea was now that this version was to be a test bed for the better one, a more compact future version. That is one of the ever lasting facts in robot building, you always make improvements for the next tournament, sometimes that includes starting all over.

Bounter Hunter had twin cylinder rams, 3.5" diameter x 6" stroke running at 850psi direct from twin 5lb CO2 bottles. The drive was 4 NPC T-64 wheel chair motors at 36 volts. Batteries, they were four hand made inner cooled 36v NiCad packs. Armor was grade 2 titanium front and 1/2" thick polycorbonate.

We did ok in the tournament, learned some weaknesses that needed attention and then I built Bounty Hunter 2.