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Jerry Clarkin


Jerry Clarkin is the driving force in Team Hammertime, he is the designer and builder. Jerry has been involved with combat robotics since the year 2000. He competed on the television show Battlebots five seasons and has also been to five non-televised Battlebot tournaments. Each year he has been competing, his robots have gotten better and better. He has traveled all over the United States to compete in the various competitions.


televised: Battlebots Season 3, 4, 5, Comedy Central (SanFran)


                  Battlebots Season 2016, ABC tv (LosAngeles)


                  Battlebots Season 2018, Discovery/Science Channel (LA)



non-televised: Battlebots NPC Charity Open  (Minneapolis, Mn)


                         Battlebots R3  (Rochester, Ny)


                         Battlebots LasVegas (corporate show)


                         Battlebots SanFran  (corporate show)


                         Battlebots 2009  (SanFrancisco, Ca)



His super heavy weight 340lb robot Hammertime made the quarter finals in Battlebots season 5. SubZero (120 lb version) has several 1st place tournaments, finished third at Robogames, won two Battlebot corporate shows and had a fight record of 29-10 before he was retired. Bounty Hunter SHW placed 3rd at Robogames while the 30 lb version won two tournaments with a 9-1 fight record.


Currently, Jerry works for Johnson Matthey Inc, one of the world's largest catalytic converter manufacturers. He works in the catalyst aging lab, lots of cool equipment, engines and computer systems. His previous jobs include working on airplane avionics, mig welder manufacturing, and as a master tech automotive mechanic for General Motors. He his very mechanically inclined, excellent electrical diagnostic skills and has a lot of knowledge in computer software such as database design, 3D cad etc. He is also an accomplished inventor, two of his products have been mass produced to the general public and have achieved more than $3 million dollars of retail sales.





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